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Ray White Menai

Address: 5, 72-80 Allison Crescent, Menai, NSW 2234, Australia
Telephone: 02 9543 0333
Fax: 02 9543 9941

Category: Real Estate
Subcategory: Real Estate Agency
Country: Australia
Address: 5, 72-80 Allison Crescent, Menai, NSW 2234, Australia
Phone: 02 9543 0333
Fax: 02 9543 9941
Moderator: Ray White Menai
Every other agent will tell you they'll do the best job. They'll promise you the world if they have to, just to get your business. After all, it's a competitive industry. Of course we want to sell your property. We could tell you we're part of Australia's most successful real estate network. And that our group consists of the largest on-the-ground teams in the area. Or that we have one of the highest private treaty and auction clearance rates. Or that we've been in the area for over 20yrs. We could point to recent great sales, and say that we understand the science of cost-effective real estate marketing. And that we know exciting, efficient auctions involve buyers emotionally and can produce spectacular results. Or that our clients love us, and come back again and again. Or that our office is positioned in the areas highest profile location ensuring maximum exposure. All of this is true. But above all, we believe in constancy of purpose. It's how we've built our business. It's how we'll sell your home. In partnership with you, we'll define a strategy then implement it. We'll never take our eyes off the ball until a pre-agreed outcome is achieved. And always, we'll strive to exceed your expectations. We believe life is a succession of moments. To focus on one moment at a time leads to success. We don't pretend to be philosophers. (We're real estate agents, after all!). But when it comes to property, we're savvy. Ray White has been around since 1902. We know how it works! Our team repeatedly ranks among the top performers throughout the entire Ray White network. A good negotiator can mean the difference of thousands of dollars on the final contract price on your property We know the market trends. We are in constant dialogue with active and previous buyers. We leverage economic and buying cycles to ensure the highest possible price is achieved for your property. And our team meets daily to discuss progress on your sale. We leave no stone unturned. We focus on detail. But above all, we're here. And we're local.
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Telephone: 02 9543 0333
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