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Commercial | Wodonga, VIC 3056

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Commercial | Wodonga, VIC 3056
By request
Property Type: Commercial
Action: for sale
Location: Wodonga VIC 3056 Australia
I’d like to get some funds secured by our land for development, equidistant to Sydney and Melbourne; Its the strongest manufacturing and processing area in Australia; the largest solar installation in Australia is opening nearby, as is the largest regional sports facility in regional Australia, earmarked to be adjacent. A high speed commuter/freight train line is being built connecting the area to Sydney and Melbourne.

I have expert letters and council concept approval on about 350 lots worth about US$125,000 apiece or more, but it needs to be master planned, which can be started next month or two. Sewer, water, electricity scheduled to be brought to our lot by the city in the next year.

I'd use the funds to refi existing debt and for master planning. Please let me know if you would be willing to extend a facility secured by it and we can discuss further.

A link to a video of the most recent division in Leneva, about 500 meters from about 160 acres of land is here, sold very well 90 days from release see backslash HIgQ4ABelzg. Ours is the lot at the foot of the hill in the background on the right. The land on the video (+/-300 lots) was bought for about $8 million in 2016; About 80 acres sold across the road for about $5 million in the last 6 months.

Its part of the Leneva Valley Growth corridor: backslash project/leneva-baranduda/

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